Liana Bidri Box
Liana Bidri Box

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Product Description

From the royal courts of Bahmani Sultans who ruled the Deccan originated the Bidri art work which has a legacy of over 500 years.
The most striking feature of this Bidri art is the silver inlay work on Black metal. The black  colour comes from the usage of special mud found around the Bidar Fort.
The intricate design on this Bidri jewel box is known as Mehtaabi kaam. The silver inlay work done on it is influenced by Persian designs and motifs which are mostly floral and geometric.
The visual and aesthetic appeal of this Bidri box makes it a great gifting option.

Product Details

Quantity: 1 piece

Dimensions: 5x3.5 inches

Material: Metal alloy with pure silver inlay

Colour: Silver and black

Care instructions: Pure silver tarnishes with time. Clean regularly with a soft dry cloth to maintain the sheen. Keep away from moisture and all liquids. Rub with coconut oil if heavily tarnished.

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Bidri work reflects a confluence of cultures
Bidar, Karnataka
Bidri work is inspired by the rich inlays that can be seen on the exquisite monuments in the old medieval Bahmani capital of Bidar
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Bidri work reflects a confluence of cultures