Peepul Tree Discover Our Arts Programme

You are invited to apply for the 12-month-long Peepul Tree Discover Our Arts  Programme and pitch proposals that you would like to develop around the theme of Indian art traditions and craft forms.

Celebrating India @75, this ambitious programme connects young India to the nation’s exciting heritage and legacy. It allows them to travel, learn, engage and win exciting prizes as they hone their skills and gear up for the road ahead.
Every month, we will select 4 candidates based on their proposals, who will work on developing their ideas into short films. These short films will be published on our website. Each selected participant, whose film is published will get Rs 3000 as cash prize.

You can send your proposals for short films on art forms, crafts, or any artisan.
We will contact the candidates whose proposals get selected. They will be assigned a mentor who will guide them in developing their proposals into short films. Our team will also help them in the various facets of storytelling, research, filming, and presentation.
Targeted at anyone aged between 18 and 30, this programme aims at harnessing the participants' energy and interest in film and visual storytelling, to map local crafts, and take them to the world.
Participants of the programme will get a chance to contribute and map the heritage and living arts and artisanal work around them and also learn some essential life skills. The importance of research, the ability to think creatively, communicate and present with confidence.
Come, let's map our heritage together!

 For any queries, write to us at